We don't currently have our own tracking facility, but there are a couple of places in Wellington that are suitable for hire for all your tracking needs.

Have a chat with us about what you're trying to achieve and we can see if we can help you.

Studio work

The Novelist (6 track EP)
Crash-Scan (Album, Album (in progress), EP (in progress), Single (cover))
Keller Kinder (Album)
Nullity (Album (in progress),2 x Single)
Johnny on the Spot (Single)
Eljay Taylor (6 track EP)
Starfig Newton (SFN) (Vocal tracking - Single)
Codeine Like Candy (Vocal tracking - Single)
Haluciagea (Vocal tracking - Single)
The Nouns (Guitar and Bass tracking - Album)
Blutfleck (5 Track EP)
Break Like Waves (2 x Single)
Needless Cane (4 Track EP)